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Winter Tips for a Healthy Sewage System

Updated: Apr 5

For homeowners, the sewer line is an often forgotten but essential part of home maintenance. During winter it is also important to keep your sewage system’s health in mind to avoid major repairs that can cost valuable time and money this winter. Follow these winter sewer tips to ensure a healthy sewer line throughout these colder months.

Regularly check for Tree Roots

Tree roots can be a sewer hazard during any time of year, but that doesn’t mean it is any less important during the winter. Tree roots tend to slow in growth during winter months due to cold or frozen soil and reduced sunlight, but sewer lines create a unique problem during this time. Sewer pipes can attract tree roots due to the regular flow of waste leaving warm homes, leaving behind water vapor and warm soil in the process. Regular sewer line inspections can give early insight into whether tree roots risk damaging the line.

Follow Healthy Draining Practices

With more gatherings and warm meals being made this time of year, it is important to be vigilant in how waste is disposed of in the home. Be sure to avoid the common sink mistakes of draining grease, oils, and food waste down the sink.

Know the Signs of a Frozen/Backed Up Sewer Line

With any plumbing issue speed is of the utmost importance in reducing damage and repair costs. Be sure to know the signs of a blockage:

  1. Sink, shower, or toilet draining slowly

  2. Gurgling or bubbling noises coming from the drains

  3. Foul, rotten egg, the odor coming from the drains

Have an Emergency Plumber Ready

Should you come across any of these issues be sure to know the information of a plumber that provides emergency services. If you live in the Miami area, please contact JCN Plumbing. We are the best option in terms of quality, cost, and integrity.

Call Today to Schedule an Appointment: (786) 758 - 3085

Office Address: 14250 SW 136th St, STE 3 Miami, FL 33186

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