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When To Get a Video Sewer Inspection

It’s not often the first thing you think about when you start your day. However, it’s under your feet, inside of your walls, and if something went wrong, you’d want to deal with it. The plumbing of your home is an integral part of your home ecosystem, and it’s important to keep it in good shape. Video sewer inspection is a great tool for understanding and maintaining the plumbing of your home. Here are some reasons to get a video sewer inspection.


When our technicians take a look at your sewer with the video camera, it’s more than just a look at the inside of the pipes. The depth of the camera is recorded, so when a clog or a crack appears on screen, our plumbers know exactly where the problem area is. With a precise location and an accurate view of the issue, our plumbers can remediate the issue with internal tools like a drain auger or a water jet cleaner. If the problem requires the replacement of pipes or fittings, our plumbers will know exactly where to start, saving time and demolition. Our video sewer inspection camera helps us to eliminate clogs and eliminate guesswork when it comes to your plumbing.

Preventative Maintenance

For homeowners, nothing is worse than an unexpected sewer problem. Instead of waiting for an issue to present itself, get eyes on the health of your sewer system. Video inspection offers a complete view of the pipes in your home, showing you the state of your sewer system. Any potential problems will be documented, and if necessary, a plan to take care of any anticipated issues will be formulated.

If you’re getting a home inspected prior to purchase, a video sewer inspection is a valuable helping hand. Even though all of the visible plumbing checks out and there are no issues at the moment, it’s no guarantee that there won’t be problems in the future. Video inspection can show points where a pipeline has shifted and created a catch point for debris. You’ll also get to know the condition of the pipes so you can know how much useful life is left in them.

Contact us

If you are ready to take the next step, contact JCN Plumbing and we will coordinate an appointment to send our plumbers experts to run a video camera inspection to diagnose the conditions of the pipes or to locate an existing problem. Call today at 786-758-3085

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