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Water-Saving Tips from JCN Plumbing

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Check Your Toilet: If you put a few drops of food coloring in the tank of your toilet, you’ll quickly be able to identify whether or not you have a leak. What you’ll notice by putting the dye in the tank is that if suddenly your toilet bowl has colorful water, your tank is leaking! A running toilet can waste as much as two gallons of water per minute.

Retrofit Your Faucets: Believe it or not, even household faucet technology has changed over the years, and if you haven’t replaced yours lately, it may be time. New faucets are equipped with aerators and flow restrictors to help control water stream and energy costs.

Identify Your Issues: Whether you have a broken pipe, and open hose bib, or a free-flowing faucet, it’s critical that you repair your water management issues immediately. A faucet leaking at one drip per second wastes over eight gallons of water each day.

Inspect Your Sprinkler Valve: It may not be top of mind, but your sprinkler valve, when not functioning properly, can be the leading source of wasted water in your home. If you’ve noticed leaking or dripping coming from your spigot (or even if you haven’t), the diaphragm, solenoid, or the valve itself could be the root of the problem.

If you need help conserving water, call JCN Plumbing. We can upgrade your faucet fixtures, inspect your sprinkler valves, and repair any leaks.

How to Discover Water Leaks the easy way

Its simple to use your water meter as a leak detector, follow these simple steps:

  1. Close or turn off all water in and outside your property.

  2. Find your water meter and lift the lid off of the meter box

  3. Check the water use. If it is spinning after you’ve turned off all the water, you may have a leak on your property.

If you do suspect you have a leak, call JCN Plumbing Now to save money and water.

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