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A Quick Guide to Dealing with Low Water Pressure

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Having low water pressure is something that can super annoying to experience in your home. Sometimes low pressure is a small issue, you simply notice that one of your faucets doesn’t have the same oomph as the others. But this can also be a big issue with showers that don’t actually have the pressure to wash out the shampoo, or faucets that simply stop flowing if you flush the toilet while the washing machine is also running. Whatever the cause, low water pressure is an issue that needs to be addressed by a professional.

Fixture Issues

If your low water pressure issues are only happening for one of your fixtures, the problem is likely in that fixture. While this means an easy fix, and thus a best-case scenario, it’s not usually the most common situation. Often a single fixture may have hard water build up in them that causes the pressure to drop. You can inspect the fixtures on your own, and in some cases, you may even be able to replace them on your own. If you do, you should still have a professional come out and check that there isn’t a larger issue at play.

Supply Issues

If the issue isn’t with the whole house, it might be a leak in the supply line that is causing the low water pressure. In this case, you definitely need a professional. Even small leaks can cause significant water damage issues. From rot to mold growth, the damage can happen fast, so you should call your plumber at the first sign of low water pressure.

The Whole House

If the low water pressure issue affects the whole house, it means that there is a big problem with your plumbing. It might indicate that the is a leak in your main supply line running to your home. If your neighbors also have noticed low water pressure in their homes, then the problem may actually be with the municipal line. If your neighbors don’t have a similar issue, the issue is just your home, and you need a professional to assess the damage for you.

If you are experiencing some of these problems, and you want to have a professional plumber involved, contact JCN Plumbing if you live in Miami.

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