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Your water main is one of the most essential systems on your entire property. This line carries your source of fresh, clean water. Along that journey from the municipal supply to your home or business, however, there is a chance that your system could be subject to leaks, breaches from corrosive minerals and chemicals, or even general wear and tear. Keep this line intact by investing in water line services from JCN Plumbing.

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Why Your Water Line May Need Repair or Replacement

Residential and commercial water lines are now built to be stronger than ever. Nevertheless, even the most capable pipes are still subject to gradual erosion, natural disasters, or accidents. For example, large changes of pressure, whether due to a severe storm or from an unexpected blockage, can create a breach within the line. Progressive wear and tear, particularly in areas where the soil is very acidic, can also lead to holes and leaks. Eventually, the water emerging from this leak is going to rise to the surface, overflowing into the road, your backyard, or your basement. External water damage is not the only consequence associated with this type of problem, but also health hazards due to supply contamination.

If it turns out that your water line has been breached, you should speak to a professional right away, who will be able to assess the situation. If the leak is not very large, a rapid and effective repair may be scheduled. However, if the hole is much larger, or if there are several weak spots, full replacement would be a more cost-effective option. 

Learn to Recognize the Signs of a Water Line Leak

You should never ignore a potential water leak that is emerging in your main line, which could cause a major inconvenience in the future. Instead, reach out to a plumbing specialist as soon as you are aware a problem might be forming. 

Some of the most common signs of a water leak include:

  • An observable reduction in water pressure whenever you turn on plumbing fixtures (particularly multiple at a time)
  • Noises of splashing, gurgling, hissing, or bubbling
  • The presence of rust, dirt, or other foreign particles in your water
  • Visible signs, as well as smells, of mold, mildew, and algae
  • A water bill that continues to rise even though you are using the same amount of water
  • An increase in insect, rodent, and other pest populations around your house
  • The unpleasant stench of sewage or rotting food
  • Places in paved locations that have cracks 
  • Obvious green patches throughout the lawn
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