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Have you heard anything about the method of using cameras to examine your sewers and drains? Some people may initially be wary of these video camera inspections and worry that it may be too expensive of a process. In reality, these check-ups are amazing at saving your hard-earned savings. They make the process of identifying an issue in your drain or sewer extremely fast and accurate, as opposed to the time-consuming and imprecise approaches of the past. 

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How a Video Camera Inspection Works

If you or a family member have ever needed surgery, or even just a detailed checkup for a health issue, you are probably familiar with an endoscopy. During this process, medical practitioners use a video camera to examine a trouble area in your body. A video camera inspection of your plumbing system works similarly. 

Your team of experts will carefully place a tiny, high-tech video camera on the end of a flexible, thin rod. Because the camera is completely waterproof, it can be safely inserted into your plumbing system. Detailed, live footage will be fed through to your technician. You will be able to watch in real time as the camera scrutinizes every nook and cranny of your sewer or drain, looking for clogs and leaks that are disrupting your system. 

Why a Video Camera Inspection Is Beneficial

In the past, it was extremely difficult for plumbers to tell exactly where a pipeline was experiencing a harmful leak or blockage. Even though they could make general guesses, it was almost impossible to know where a problem was without opening up the line, and even then, one could easily miss other issues further down the pipe. With the innovation of video camera inspections, however, there’s no question of what is blocking your system, or where it is located. 

This is also helpful because your team of plumbing experts can determine the best method of extracting the obstacle, since certain blockages may require different strategies. Alternatively, if it is a leak that is the issue, this can be easily resolved as well, since there is no guesswork involved.

Some of the objects that can be identified by video camera inspections include:

  • Hair or other organic matter
  • Soap scum
  • Mineral deposits
  • Chemical byproducts that cause corrosion
  • Wads of tissue paper, napkins, or paper towels
  • Accumulated tree roots or other plant matter
  • Dead animals and their nests
  • Sanitary napkins, diapers, and hygienic products
  • Children’s rattles and toys
  • Lost keys, rings, hairpieces, and small tools
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