How to Diagnose a Toilet Problem

How to diagnose a toilet problem or a clogged toilet? This is a question many people have. There are several different reasons why your toilet may not be flushing. The level of water in the tank, the speed of the water, the air pressure in the system, and the amount of water in the bowl all have to be perfect for a modern toilet to flush.

How to Troubleshoot your toilet

To troubleshoot your toilet, pour three gallons of water into the bowl. If the water does not go down within the first couple of seconds, your problem is a clog blocking the flow. This can be fixed by using an auger to break up the blockage. Make sure your auger has a rubber sleeve around its cable so you don't scratch the porcelain finish in the bowl. If the water returns to a normal level, try flushing, three attempts. If it does not work during any of the tries, something is wrong with the pipes below the toilet. If the flush works during every attempt, then the problem may be between the tank and the bowl.

Fill Valve and Flapper

If the fill valve inside the toilet tank is not filling properly, the toilet will not flush every time. You can tell if this is the problem by removing the small 1/8 inch plastic tube that goes above the water level from the fill valve on the left side of the toilet tank to the center overflow tube and sees if there is a fast stream of water entering the tube and refilling the bowl.

If your toilet is not holding the two gallons of water that should be idle in the bowl when flushing, the toilet will not flush properly. What you should do is very slowly (so it doesn’t flush) pour about ½ a gallon of water into the bowl so it will rise to its maximum water volume. If the flapper does not stay floating long enough, the water will only partially leave the tank and the required amount of water to flush the toilet will not enter the bowl.

If after trying these tips, the problem continues, then we suggest you contact your local plumbing expert. In Miami, JCN Plumbing would be your best option, as we are a licensed and insured company, with 20 years of experience and highly trained technicians.

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