3 Reasons Why You Should Get a Sewer Inspection

Why should we get a Sewer Inspection? When it comes to the important systems that allow us to indoor water and toilets, it can be very expensive when sewage lines start to have issues. Therefore, we have prepared these 3 reasons why you should definitely pay more attention to your sewer, and have an inspection done, in order to avoid further issues.

Protect Your Investment

If you’ve just bought a house or are looking to buy a house, it’s a perfect time for a sewer inspection. You wouldn’t buy a home before knowing if you will need to replace the roof or fix the foundation, but many of us make huge investments without knowing what’s going on with the sewer system. With a sewer inspection, you can see if there are any cracks or roots that could cause trouble later, or if there is a catastrophic failure that hasn’t been noticed yet. In order to have this done, JCN Plumbing will run a video camera inspection, to diagnose the conditions of the pipes, and if they need to be repaired or replaced, we will provide you with a free estimate. 

Prevent Plumbing Catastrophes and Inconveniences

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, they say. Nowhere is this more true than with your sewer line. Sewer line replacement can be costly and most people would prefer to avoid the horror of discovering an offensive backup bubbling up through the bathtub drain. A yearly or bi-annual sewer inspection can help you sniff out clogs that could become a problem, small cracks that could become big issues.

Diagnose Existing Plumbing Problems

If you already have a plumbing issue going on at home from slowed water drainage to multiple drain backups get a sewer inspection from JCN Plumbing. We’ll be happy to help with any plumbing issue you might have and a sewer inspection is a great place to start. Why waste time and money rooting out an issue above ground that could be easily checked with a sewer inspection?

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