What Are the Signs and Symptoms of Failing Pipes

As a homeowner, it is really important that you know how to tell if your plumbing is bad so that you can address small issues before they become larger ones. This is why we want you to know the signs and symptoms of bad pipes and plumbing problems so that you can quickly take all necessary steps in preventing them and keeping your home in shape.

How to Know if Your Plumbing Is Bad and You Need to Contact a Professional

  1. Unpleasant smells coming from the drains. There are a few different reasons for bad odor emanating from your plumbing. If you smell rotten eggs, it’s possible that you have a blocked drain vent that is allowing sewer gas to back up into your pipes and enter your home. If you notice a smell coming from all of your drains and experience frequent clogging, your sewer line could be damaged. If the smell is just in your kitchen sink, it could be that scraps of food are building up in the drainpipe and decaying.

  2. Sluggish drains. Slow drains indicate a blockage in the pipes. Drain cleaning is one of the only things I suggest people try by, using a power drain clearing solution or a drain snake to clear things away. If this doesn’t work, that means it is time to call a pro.

  3. Stains or damaged walls. Brownish stains on your ceiling can indicate a plumbing leak if there is a bathroom located above it.

  4. Odd sounds coming from the faucets. Any sound coming from your pipes usually indicates that there is air in them, which means that something is up with your bleed-off system.

Low water pressure. In older houses, this is a very common problem, and this can be caused by a number of problems and can be a bit tricky to find the root cause. Low water pressure is a sign of a leak in your system or a clog somewhere in your pipes.

If you notice any of these signs in your house, we suggest you call an expert right away. Sometimes waiting or trying to do the job by yourself following simple DIY’s could cost you more than calling a professional.

How to Prevent Large Plumbing Problems

Here we want to show you a list of really bad things that can happen when you ignore any of the above-mentioned signs:

  1. Permanent water damage to walls and floors, resulting in the need for major repair or complete sewer line replacement actions and drywall replacement.

  2. The proliferation of mold and mildew is harmful to human health.

  3. Huge water bills.

To prevent these serious and costly issues from developing it is very important that you call a plumbing professional as soon as you begin to experience problems with your plumbing as they have the knowledge, experience, and all the necessary equipment and tools required to perform any repair service.

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