How to Protect the Utility Pipes During a Kitchen Remodel

The Gas

You might have to adjust where the gas lines are going. Your gas-powered stove is powerful and you might prefer that for cooking purposes. You don’t want the pipes going the wrong way and causing a problem when it’s time to remodel your kitchen.

The Plumbing

The plumbing lines in your kitchen are the most important. During your kitchen remodel, the plumbing might be damaged. The sink needs to be able to dispense both hot and cold water. You’ll need plumbing lines to the dishwasher because you don’t want to have to wash five or six piles of dishes at a time by hand.

The Electric

Your kitchen outlets need to be functional, and so do all the devices and appliances that rely on that electricity. Always remember about where you’re going to position the lights in your newly designed kitchen. One overhead light might not be enough you might need task lighting over the sink and the stove as well. You might also have gas powering part of your kitchen, so watch out for where the wires are because you might need the assistance of an electrician.

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