How to Fix A Humming Garbage Disposal

When a garbage disposal is humming or makes a buzzing sound, this means it is still getting power but it is jammed up and unable to spin or churn. To fix this fast, go under the sink, find the hex head wrench tool (Allen wrench), stick it in the hole (breaker socket) on the bottom of the disposer, and turn it back and forth.

There following are other reasons garbage disposal won’t turn on, will hum, or is dead:

  • Disposer Has Fried: Disposer has reached the end of its life cycle and is KIA. In this case, you will have to remove and replace the bad disposer.

  • Foreign Object Stuck In Disposer: When something is jamming the disposer blades making them unable to spin. In this case, you should unplug the disposer and look into the sink drain hole. Inspect for anything jamming the disposer. Finally, remove any foreign objects to free the blades.

  • Disposer Jammed: Something put down the sink has jammed the wheel inside the disposer. Use the disposer jam buster tool and turn the hex fitting back and forth on the bottom of the disposer. If there is no tool under the sink, grab an Allen wrench set and find the correct Allen wrench to fit the hole. The flywheel hole in most garbage disposals is 1/4″. Use a 1/4 inch Allen wrench if you do not have the disposal tool.

The disposer has tripped: Disposer has overheated or tripped. Press the red button on the bottom of the disposer to “reset”.

If after following all the above tips, you find that your garbage disposal is still not responding, then it is time to replace it or to have an expert take a look at it.

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