5 Summer Plumbing Tips

1. Take it easy on the toilets.

With kids home more often than usual, the toilets are being used during the day when the kids would normally be at school. You should teach your kids to use a modest amount of toilet paper when using the restroom to avoid a clog in the toilet(s). Make sure that they know what to not flush down the toilet, including paper towels and feminine hygiene products. If you are having issues with your garbage disposal, do not hesitate to call JCN Plumbing, we are here to help you.

2. Turn your water heater down and your refrigerator up when vacationing.

Turning your water heater down and refrigerator up when vacationing saves energy while you are out of the house. No one needs hot water when no one is in the home using up any water. This also saves you money while you are away. You could also turn up the temperature of your refrigerator; this also saves you money and energy. You should remove perishable foods beforehand, such as milk, cheese, vegetables, fruit, and meat.

3. Check the sprinkler system.

Whether you do it yourself or call a professional plumber such as Affordable, you should check all your sprinkler heads to make sure they are all working correctly and are not leaking. You do not want to waste water because of broken things in your sprinkler system. Broken sprinkler heads can spray onto the sidewalk and wastewater, which causes the grass to die. You should also clean the heads. It is recommended to water your lawn in the early morning or late evening after the sun goes down. If you turn on your sprinklers during the day the water can be lost due to evaporation from the heat throughout the day. Make sure to be careful when mowing the lawn to avoid damaging the showerheads.

4. Check the sewer system.

Servicing your sewer systems before summertime comes can help you avoid any problems. Summer includes thunderstorms and summer rain showers. Sewer pipes can gain excessive rain through cracks, and this can cause the sewer line to back up. Sewers can back up when the storms hit and the ground becomes soaked with rain. For homeowners, we recommend installing a drain pump in each drain to prevent water from backing up during storms. This is also simple and cheap.

5. Watch what you put down your garbage disposal.

Summer is a great and popular time for cookouts with family, friends, neighbors, and coworkers. You will need to watch what you put down at your garbage disposal and how you dispose of waste food. Avoid putting grease down the drain after grilling out; used cooking oils are damaging to garbage disposals. It is also not a good idea to put produce down in the garbage disposal. Produce and hard fruits such as corn or watermelon cause damage to the blades or could lead to tenacious clogs. If you are having issues with your garbage disposal, do not hesitate to call JCN Plumbing, we are here to help you.

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