5 Different Types Of Bathroom Sinks

The functions of sinks have evolved over the centuries, starting from a mere stone basin for washing hands, they now serve a multitude of purposes. A sink also called a Washbasin, or just Basin is a large (although some sinks are rather small) vessel with taps to supply water.

Types Of Bathroom Sinks

Wall-Mounted Sink

Square wall-mounted sink

This bathroom sink, as the name implies, is mounted to the wall. This type of sink that’s ideal for small bathrooms as it does not eat up a lot of space. Unlike pedestal and console sinks, wall-mounted sinks don’t use up any floor space, and it can be installed at different heights. Furthermore, wall-mounted sinks often come with shrouds to hide unsightly plumbing pipes.

Drop-in/Self-Rimming Sink

White square drop-in sink

Drop-in sinks, also called Self-Rimming Sinks (or sometimes, Top-Mount Sinks,) are a type of sink that is the easiest to install as it’s naturally crafted to go with an existing vanity. There’s a rim that encircles the bowl which sits on the countertop to support the basin’s weight. It’s the most popular type of sink mostly because installation often only takes about an hour compared with other sink types on this list.

Undermount Sink

Square white undermounted sink

Undermount sinks, compared with drop-in sinks that sit either within or on top of a counter, are installed below solid countertops. It maximizes counter space plus it’s much easier to clean compared with top-mounted sinks. Undermount sinks are also popular because the style gives your counter a smooth look.

Vessel Sink

Circular glass vessel sink

A vessel sink is a type of bathroom sink that’s typically a deep, round basin that sits on top of the surface, which is the reason why they’re also called Countertop Sinks.

These sinks are preferred by people who love modern style, as they often come in various artistic forms and materials such as stone, glass, marble, and even crystal.

Pedestal SinkTall white pedestal sink

Pedestal sinks are stand-alone sinks that feature a wide basin and a particularly narrow base. It’s a floor-mounted sink that takes up relatively little floor space; however, this can be quite a turn-off for homeowners that prioritizes storage space and can’t give up even a little floor space.

Its plumbing hardware is covered up by its base although it’s not really that much of a space-saver, it can be an excellent addition to large bathrooms as it comes in a variety of stylish designs.

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