Plumbing Tips Every New Homeowners Should Know

We all know how stressful it is for new homeowners who simply don’t have the knowledge or skills needed to deal with any plumbing issue that may arise. Here are some plumbing tips for brand new homeowners, that we think you might need to know. 

Look for the Water Main Shutoff Valve 

You need to know how to turn off your home’s water supply. It could be because of pipe bursts or leaks and this could lead to a flood in your basement or in one of the other rooms. If this happen, you have already located the shutoff valve. 

Get the Right Plunger

Many homeowners don’t know that there are multiple types of plungers. Toilets and sinks use different plungers, so don’t think that one size fits all. Use a cup plunger for sinks and tubs, but If you’re going to unclog the toilet, then that’s a different story, as you will need to use a flange plunger instead. 

Avoid Clogging the Drain

Another important thing to consider, don’t clog the drain. Remember that you should never put down the drain any of the following: Grease, oil, and fats. Even though they are hot now, once they cool they will only block up the pipes

Don’t Overheat the Water 

Finally, please don’t overheat the water. Take a closer look at your water heater and your water meter. Both can track your usage and the temperature of the water. Avoid burning yourself by using warm water and not super hot water. 

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