Coronavirus and Plumbing Issues related to Toilet Paper Usage:

As the coronavirus cases increase in our city of Miami, and people have been focusing too much on buying enough toilet paper to have in stock in case there is a general quarantine imposed in our city, we have noticed the following. When visiting the supermarkets, we could notice the carts full of toilet paper. Will this have a negative impact on your plumbing? Well, as we have mentioned in our previous posts, remember that either baby wipes, Kleenex, or just paper towel and toilet paper, DON’T GO IN THE TOILET.

Baby wipes, even though some of them say they’re biodegradable, they really aren’t and those are one of the first causes of a backup in plumbing systems baby wipes and paper towels. Keep in mind that paper towels are very tough, as they’re designed to absorb spills, but they’re not designed like toilet paper, which is supposed to break down as soon as it hits the water. They have a tendency to clump up and that causes problems.


Dinner Napkins DO Not break in water the way toilet paper does, therefore, if you have considered already the possibility to use this instead if you haven’t been able to purchase regular toilet paper, remember that this will lead you to a plumbing problem.