5 Ways To Save Money On Plumbing Services

1. Start Small

Some plumbing issues can wait and others need to be fixed immediately.

You saw something wrong weeks or possibly even months before. This is a bad habit you need to break yourself of immediately.

Let's add how much ignoring and waiting to fix a leak can cost (water bill, mold, flooding, etc)

If you notice a drip or an odor, call plumbing services. Get it handled while it’s a cheap fix.

2. Be Mindful

If you cook from home often, stop pouring grease and food particles down your drain. If there is such a thing as “asking for it”, this is it.

Long hair? Cover your shower drain with mesh to keep these hairs from slipping through the drains and clogging up your pipes.

Pour your grease into something that can be thrown away. Brush food particles into the trash before placing the pots and pans into the sink.

3. Turn the Heat On

Frozen pipes break and burst and disaster ensues. When water freezes, the molecules expand and become denser. The process can’t really be stopped. Eventually, the expanding molecules force the metal of your pipes open, creating a crack or hole in your pipes.

How do you fix this? Before you go on vacation, turn your heat on. You can keep it pretty brisk, around 50 degrees, and your pipes should be fine. If you don’t have heat in certain areas of your home, consider space heaters as an option.

4. DIY Plumbing Services

Minor plumbing problems are a great way for you to get into the DIY game. If you have a knack for it, you can save yourself a ton of cash and maybe even turn it into a side-hustle.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of DIY blogs out there. You can also watch YouTube videos, read books, and ask family, friends, and employees of local hardware stores for help.

5. Do an Audit

Walk around your home as well as inside your home. Do you see any blocked drains?

  • Pour a few gallons of water into rarely used drains
  • Add some food coloring to your toilet tank
  • Listen for sounds you haven’t heard before
  • Manually inspect outdoor drains for debris
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