Warning Signs of a Main Sewer Line Clog

A sewer line clog could lead to a raw sewage backup coming out of the drains, which could lead to significant damage to the home and an expensive sewer line repair or replacement.

Clogged drain or toilet

The most common red flags, sewer main cleaners say, are water backing up out of a drain or the toilet plumbing, or a gurgling sound coming from the drains.

Clogs can occur in the main sewer line or one of the secondary lines. If the clog is in the mainline, that means any water you run in the house will cause problems. If it’s a secondary line, it’s just going to be isolated to that secondary problem.

If it’s just the bathroom sink, for example, it will not go down or it will come back up into the bathtub, but you can flush the toilet and it works perfectly fine. If it’s mainline, anything you run will cause the toilet to percolate and come up into the bathtub or the basement.

Tree roots

Tree roots are the primary cause of a clogged sewer line, especially in an older home. In newer homes, common sources of clogging include feminine hygiene products, paper towels, and even certain types of thicker toilet paper.

Experts say slow flowing drains, and gurgling noises from your toilet bowls are the first signs that your sewer system is being affected by tree roots. If you don't take some action to remove the roots, a complete sewer line block will occur. A clogged sewer or drain line can be a major headache.

Release the pressure

If you get a clog in your home and suspect that a blocked sewer drain is the cause, it’s important to shut off the water at the source or at the main if it’s a main line clog.

Homeowners who have access to their sewer cleanout line., typically a short, round, white pipe with a rubber cap located in the yard near the house, can remove the cleanout cap during a backup to release pressure build-up; and send water outside instead of into the house.

At JCN Plumbing, we recommend you hire a professional to run a camera inspection, as this will be the most effective and fast way to find out the correct diagnostic for your piping, to be able to address the issue in a timely manner.

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