Why You Should Have a Plumbing Cleanout

A plumbing cleanout provides a convenient place to access a building's drain pipes to clear clogs and debris. You can remove a cap on the cleanout to supply the needed access. The plumbing codes of most localities require the installation of cleanouts during the plumbing rough-in during building construction.

It consists of the main body and a threaded cap. The body is usually the same diameter as the drainpipe where it will be installed. The extension is the portion of the body that the cap is threaded into and is designed to be easily accessible in the event of a blockage. The cap should be 2 inches above the level of the floor or the ground outside.

What is the importance of a sewer cleanout?

Wastewater isn’t only smelly and unpleasant, it forms a health risk as well. When it seeps into the floors and baseboards before it’s cleaned up, wastewater stays there, unless it’s cleaned immediately by professionals. That is a continued risk to the health of all who live in the house. Also, dangerous gases build up in piping. Without a sewer cleanout with a proper cap on it, those gases could get into the air around the house or inside the house.

Where is this cleanout usually located?

It may be inside a building or outdoors. A cleanout that is outside the building should have a cap visible within a few feet of the building's foundation. When it is located inside the building it can be found inside a wall or floor. A cleanout may be easily accessible in buildings that have a crawlspace or a basement. Cleanouts are usually in the drain where there is a 90-degree turn and positioned in such a way that when you remove the cap you can easily work on the blockage.

How to clear a blockage through the cleanout?

A plumbing auger can be used, and it looks like a large power drill:

  1. Turn on the auger and feed it into the clean-out extension. Some augers will extend automatically to reach the clog.
  2. Use a garden hose with a high-pressure tip if you do not have access to an auger. Do not use a hose if the cleanout is inside the home.
  3. Coat the threads of the cap with pipe dope and tighten it into place with a pipe wrench to provide a good seal against sewer gas.

We recommend having installed a cleanout in your property, which can save you time and stress when a blockage emergency arises, making it easier and faster for the plumbers to unclog, especially during storms or power outages.

In order to avoid flooding, in the event that there is a power outage or a hurricane, normally your toilet will clog and flood your bathroom, but a cleanout will allow the excess waste and release the sewer water outside of your home through the cleanout.

Why do the plumbing experts recommend having a cleanout to unclog?

In order to unclog a pipeline, the technicians either have to go thru the VTR which is on the roof can cause roof tile damage takes longer, and costs more.

The other option is going thru the toilet, however, the toilet needs to be removed, and reinstalled afterward, in order to complete the service, making it more expensive and taking more time.

Cleanouts can not only save you time and money but and makes it easier for you and your family to go through an unexpected clogging emergency.

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