What Is a High-Velocity Jetting and What Are the Benefits of Using It

Hydro-jetting uses high-pressure water to chop the roots up, flush away the debris and generally clear out every square inch of the pipes far better than any physical method. Hydro-jetting is one of the best ways to clear roots out of a clay or PVC sewer pipe. It rockets water through the pipes from a specialty device at pressures of over 5,000 psi.

What are the Benefits of Hydro-Jetting?

High-velocity water jetting can clean not only minor and significant blockages in the drain, but also ensures that the entire plumbing system is working smoothly. Finding the exact location of any blockage is tough.

How Effective is Hydro-Jetting?

Hydro jetting is extremely effective. High water pressure is highly effective for cleaning out clogged sewers and maintaining a clean sewer line. Hydro jetting services are versatile, with a high enough PSI, water pressure is strong enough to clear commercial sewer lines as well as domestic lines.

Can Hydro-Jetting Damage Pipes?

Hydro-jetting will not cause any damage to your pipes when it is done by professionals. No chemicals are needed, and since only water is used, it is an eco-friendly way to clean out pipes.

How Often Should you Hydro Jet?

As a good preventive measure, you should have your sewer lines cleaned every 18-22 months. If you are experiencing problems more often than that, you may need to call a plumber and schedule a video inspection of your pipes.

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