Repair vs Replace Water Pipes

Discovering you have a burst pipe, could be one of the worst things to find out. There are a few ways to fix this problem, you can repair the water pipe or you can replace it. Depending on your specific situation, you might either decide to have the damaged section repaired. If the pipe is many years old you may want to consider replacing it altogether rather than attempting to fix it.

Repairing the Pipes

When you decide to repair the damaged pipe versus replace it, the plumber will have to come and inspect the pipe. He will determine where the pipe is leaking. Often times you will see water seeping through the ground in the spot where it is cracked. The plumber will then put an air hose into the pipe past the point of breakage. The air hose will empty out the remaining water in the pipe at that time.

Replacing the Water Pipes

Most of the time, pipes are either so old or so worn that you need to fully replace them when a leak occurs. Freezing water is often the cause of busted pipes. When water freezes it expands. The pipes are not meant to stretch and are not made of pliable fabrics. No matter the material of the pipes, eventually the wear and tear of the expansion and contraction will weaken the pipe. Trenching is a means of replacing your pipe. Another reason why the pipes should be replaced is that they are cast iron pipes, that are too old and cracked.


Trenching involves digging up the pipe in its entirety. The entire cylinder must be exposed including the bottom of the pipe. Additionally, the whole length of the pipe must be dug up, not just the section with a crack. For this process, it is important to have your utility companies come out and mark the ground for where not to dig.

At JCN Plumbing, we always suggest replacing the pipes entirely if your pipe is old or has severe damage. Cured-in-place pipe methods are ones that do not involve removing the pipe in its entirety but rather repairing it while it is still buried. One way is to use a machine that moves through the pipe, with a new pipe behind it. The new pipe is put in place so that it is secured and the old pipe’s damage will not affect the sewer’s performance.

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