5 Plumbing Facts

1- It is not the same pipe as a conduit. The pipe is circular in section and the conduit can have other sections. When it comes to a galvanized steel pipe for water supply it is called a pipe. 

2- The famous smoke that comes out of the sewers of New York City is not smoke, but water vapor. And it is that the bowels of the Big Apple have pipes that distribute water vapor throughout the city that, once hired, can be used for heating or make the huge air conditioning machines of stores or companies work. 

3- They are great allies in interior decoration. With pipes and plumbing fixtures almost anything can be done. 

4- You can get electricity from the water pipes. In Portland 150 homes already receive their clean energy directly from the drinking water supply.

5- In Japan during the cleaning of the drains they have found gold worth more than 50 thousand dollars. Specifically, they sold the ash with which they cleaned the sewage to a gold refinery and obtained such a rich result.

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