18 Ways to Avoid Having to Call a Plumber.

These simple devices will help you avoid the cost of having to call a plumber. You never know how much you would end up paying for something so simple as following these tips.

1- Make sure you catch hair before it goes down the drain and causes a plumbing hassle. 

2- Another good way of saving money is by Investing in a pop-up drain. This drain protector will prevent a plumbing sitch.

3- Watch out for Long or Shedding Hair.

4- DO NOT use ‘Flushable’ Wipes. This can cause a serious problem for your pipes.

5- DO NOT hang Things From Your Pipes.

6- Turn Off Your Outside Faucets in the winter and make sure you disconnect the outside hoses.

7- Don't ignore drips and running toilets. Small drips can waste over eight gallons of water a day, and a continuously running toilet can waste more than 200 gallons of water daily.

8- DO NOT flush down the toilet any type of facial tissue.

9- Replace your old kitchen sink strainer with a flexible sink strainer that'll easily bend to your every food-removing whim. It'll also catch the non-food particles that end up in your sink.

10- Make sure you explain to your family members, especially to your kids what CAN NOT be flushed down the toilet.

11- Do not flush down the toilet sanitary napkins, tampons, condoms, etc.

12- Other things to avoid flushing down the toilet are the diapers (of any kind).

13- Moist wipes (including baby, disinfectant, etc) should not be flushed at any time.

14- DO NOT flush down the toilet any of the following: dental floss, medicine, plastic, toilet bowl scrub pads, cleaning pads (like Swiffers)

15- Switch to super soluble toilet paper because that incredibly fluffy toilet paper you swear by could be contributing to clogs.

16- Cut down on your family's toilet paper habit (which could be part of the cause of your running toilet?) with a bidet attachment that'll use water instead of paper to help you get clean.

17-Designate a specific trash can for disposing of traditional toilet paper instead of flushing it.

18- When toilet clogs DO happen, use a beehive-shaped plunger that conforms to even oddly shaped toilet bowls.

Remember, by following these simple steps you could be saving a lot of money this year!

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