How Can You Control Tree Roots in Sewer Line

Tree roots can reach deep into underground pipes, especially the older ones, and the leaves can clog the gutters, which compromises the effectiveness of the sewer line. Because this is very important, we have prepared 3 important tips to help you control tree roots in your sewer line:

Schedule a Trimming

Deep-rooted trees could cause great damage to your plumbing with clay, concrete, or iron pipe. On the other hand, modern plastic pipes are fused together more tightly and only experience root intrusion if damaged.

Most plumbers use special mechanical sewer cleaning machines with blades to cut roots out of pipes. Clay tile, plastic, and cast iron piping are easy to clean with a mechanical sewer cleaning machine.

Hire a Plumber to Run a Video Camera Inspection

Tree roots can block your pipes with hair-like masses that cause clogs and put the sewer line under pressure.

A professional plumber will insert a video camera into the line to professionally inspecting the pipes, and after the professional inspection is completed, any existing problem can be addressed. You can even watch the entire video camera inspection with the plumber through the professional camera equipment.

Root-Killing Solution

You should use specially formulated root killer solutions, which should be flushed down your drainage system to kill roots inside the pipes. This will not harm the trees and should be done a few times a year.

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